Boston Harbor Marina

About Us

Built in the 1920s, the Boston Harbor Marina has been the heart of the community and a gem of the South Sound for decades.  The involvement and support of the community is one of the reasons we love to live and work in this special place.





Kate (left) keeps things on track and answers your questions.  She's the daughter and brings her MBA and Target experience to marina operations.

Cam (right) is Kate's mom and co-owner.  She cleans the ice cream  machine, picks the Christmas ornaments and makes sure everyone is happy. 




Clancy has a background in outdoor recreation and guiding.  He will talk kayaks and sailing with you as long as you'll listen.  And he's the guy bringing all the great beer and music to our summer events.


Nicky and team make the magic happen in the kitchen.  This is the team bringing you those delicious smoked salmon sandwiches, homemade clam chowder, Sunday Brunches and Friday Night meals.  Give 'em a high five next time you see these lovely ladies!


Our Summer Team is here to help launch you on your kayaking adventures, pour you a beer, hook you up with the best fresh seafood around, and give advice on how to build the perfect soft serve ice cream cone.




It'll be hard to miss these hard working team members.  Ida (left) is usually found on the beach trying to snuggle with you.  And Cleat and Buoy (right) are usually found on the deck trying to snuggle with you.  You've been warned.








10am - 6pm    Every Day
Fuel Dock closes @ 5:30pm